It’s complicated is what I define it,

Our relationship status never so unclear.
Did I love so much that you were burdened by it?
Was our love too good that it couldn’t be real?

In order for you to run back to your ex.
To the one fox that made you feel numb?
As she tells you to isolate yourself for only her again.
So that this devil can suck away your loving soul.

Believe me, I’ve crossed paths with her too,
She cages you in her anaesthetic thorn hugs,
Numbing to every feeling at first,
But the pain with time makes feelings become unbearable.

A journey with her is like hell,
Sweetie ignore her dark lens of the world,
This crook gives you false delusions,
Stand up to her, challenge what she is telling you!

Start with this, what is she telling you?
That you are a scrub? My dear where is the evidence?
Because of her you believe I got no love from you,
Well honey, what I saw was a reign of love so true.

Did you not know I didn’t need to be showered with gifts?
You were my gift: your time, attention and affection,
You saved me from certain false beliefs she gave me,
You were someone wearing scrubs that save me!

Before she took you away from me,
I was ever so happy with your company,
And all the little things you did for me,
Maybe I was just terrible at showing emotions to the full?

You say I deserve better than you,
But darling to me you are the best,
Everything I ever dreamt off,
Nevertheless, compared to the dream you’re existent and true.

She says that I’ll never forgive you,
But what is there to forgive?
The heartbreak was needed for me to understand,
All that love is, all that it comes, how much love I hold.

This ex of ours is crafty as she lurks,
She stalks in the shadows plotting,
While we were high on love unable to find fault,
Who knew she would be our demise.
This ex of ours, she plays with our minds,
Messing with our feelings and lives,
Wreaking havoc with the chemicals in our blood,
So blame her and break away from her touch.

You are precious to me, my precious,
So don’t let her ring around you control you,
This evil that exists in this messy world,
I know you are strong enough to fight her.

If it helps think of it think this way,
I am a princess trapped in a castle,
She’s the poisonous dragon,
To find your happy after, you protect me to protect yourself.

Because what doesn’t motivate a guy than keeping his love safe,
A girl that is still learning the path of love,
This innocent soul who still believes that true love,
The one you just know it is can fix anything.


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