It is not that I no longer love you, my dear,

But that I don’t have enough fighting strength left.

It is not that I am angry or hating on you,

Believe me, I tried but I can’t because I know.

It is not the hurt of losing being in a relationship itself,

But losing you from me and not knowing how you feel anymore.

It is every future promised, past shared, present that should be here.

Yet time will only tell if true love prevails.

It is not the fact I can’t forgive you for leaving,

But my innocent foolishness for waiting and hoping like a child.

It is not that you grew on me because of the mysterious “bad boy” vibe,

But the way you were brave with love for the first time for only me.

It is not just about me to why the relationship ended,

But the messy world around the two of us.

It is that maybe I was just too immature about love for you,

Or because you were never taught the distance love can go.

It is not that I wanted a break up from our love,

But I wanted a break to get our messy lives sorted.

It is not that I didn’t trust you,

But I trusted people close who in return harmed me.

It is not that I don’t want intimacy from you,

But I have been taught that it was a bad thing for so long.

It is because of regret of teasing you with love,

To never hugging you tight and kissing you ever.


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