My First Car

Warning Signs,
Flickers of light,
Ignoring your left signal,
Willingly following you in the journey.

Blinked both lights,
You should have done,
To warn me what was to come,
For me to reverse instead of park.

Oh memoirs of the speed of the chase,
Alive in the freeway with it’s twist and turns,
No hard breaks no worries,
But a tank too full with love.

We’ve been through a lot,
You’ve showed me so much,
Until you exhausted yourself,
External factors I couldn’t control.

What fueled you to go on,
You no longer accepted,
The key that ignited stuck,
An engine that just gave up.

Gave up on moving gave up on goals,
Windows covered with dust,
You with so much potential.
An old but beautiful soul.

Stuck in a garage of your own thoughts,
Dark and numb,
Stubborn and afraid,
That I would allow you to be alone: forgotten.

Are your wipers broken?
Our radio wavelength lost?
Your horn and pipes stuck,
Refusing to speak out while I anticipate.

You refused my help,
Every subtle piece I give you,
Can’t you see I care,
That the love is still bloody there.

Your 100% promise rates,
I plan to help you keep,
But you have to unlock the doors,
Allow me to steer you forward.

Let yourself see the rain,
Allow it to wash away the grim,
Let me wipe away your tears,
Show you the real love you deserve.


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